About Us


Homestead Fencing provides customers with better value and smarter looking fencing options. To Homestead Fencing, a fence is not just a fence, but something that compliments peoples’ surroundings, and that can add value and style to homes, pools, and businesses. We love providing unique and smarter fencing products and achieving outcomes that exceed our customers’ expectations, leaving them feeling happy and satisfied with the result.

Our Products

We have carefully selected a range of products that are great value for money. Our VeriSmart Fencing Systems™  aim to be the best value fencing in Australia; smarter in quality, durability, design, and style, and able to enhance and add value to your home, pool, or business.

Our Customers

We prefer to work directly with homeowners, swimming pool owners, and small family run builders and businesses. We are here to help DIY(do it yourself) customers, as well as customers that would like a complete supply and installation service.


To be known and respected in the communities we serve as ‘The Fencing Professionals’ who really care and who can always be trusted to do a great job.


We make getting a new fence easy and stress free with our prompt, friendly, professional, and personal service. We supply and install our quality range of VeriSmart Fencing Systems™ for home, pool, and small business owners in our local community, with a smile.


We can be trusted, will be honest in everything we do, and have our customers’ best interests at heart, while creating a sustainable business for all involved. Homestead Fencing genuinely cares about providing the best solutions and experiences for our customers. We strive to be in tune with our customers’ goals, needs, and budget, and to go the extra mile to widen and improve on their vision. Our team culture will be an experience that people remember and tell others about.