5 Things to know before purchasing a fence

There are many things to consider before purchasing your new fence whether you are looking to have your fence professionally installed or you are a DIY enthusiast.  Taking the time to consult an expert will ensure you end up with a fence that lasts for years and is exactly what you need and expect.

1.  The Reason

Ask yourself the question ‘why do I need this fence?’.  There are many possibilities including keeping a pet inside your property, a noise or visual barrier or as a barrier around your pool.  Once you have determined the purpose of your fence you can then look at materials and styles that will be suitable.

Because there are so many fencing options these days make sure you have an expert inspect your property to provide advice and solutions.


2.  Quality

Always check on the quality of the materials being used.  There are a lot of cheap imported fencing products on the market which are not built for the harsh Australian climate.  You want your fence to last for many years so always check that the fence comes with a warranty and guarantee.

Use a local well-known company to give you peace of mind and ensure that only the finest quality materials are used.

3.  Rules and Regulations

Make sure you do your research into council rules and regulations around building a new fence for example height and material restrictions.  This is very important when building a pool fence as in recent months there have been many changes to the rules and regulations.

If you are looking at installing a boundary fence, there are also responsibilities regarding your neighbour.  For more information and tips on neighbours and boundary fences see this blog post.

As rules and regulations vary by location we recommend you consult your local council before constructing a new fence.

4.  Materials and Style

Choosing the material your fence will be constructed from is an important decision.  Fences can be made from a range of materials including Steel, Colorbond, Glass, Aluminium and Timber.  Depending on your needs and the look you are after, give some thought to the materials being used.

Some materials will last longer and are lower maintenance.  If you are having trouble deciding on the type and style of your new fence see our full range of products here, also we recommend taking a drive around your neighbourhood to get a better idea of how the different fence types look.  All fencing styles are displayed at our office – 5 Krauss Ave Sth Lismore NSW 2480.

5.  Hire a Professional

As in any industry, there are a lot of ‘Cowboys’ out there.  If you are looking for someone to install your fence for you or are looking to purchase the materials and build the fence yourself make sure you choose a company who are reputable and have knowledge and experience in the industry.

Installing a fence is more difficult than it looks so it is important that you choose a company that has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process.  If by chance you have a problem with your fence you want to know that the company you delt with will still be around to sort out warranty issues for you.

Always check that your fence installer is fully licensed and has the appropriate insurance before they enter your property.


If you have any questions or are looking for advice regarding your new fence contact us at Homestead Fencing.  We can arrange for one of our friendly team to visit your property to discuss your needs and provide ideas.  With over 20 years experience in the fencing industry, Homestead Fencing are the largest fencing supplier and installer on the North Coast.